Drunk Memes & Funny Drinking Memes

Like the magic effect of alcohol, making you all powerful and witty hero, perfect dancer and singer? Like spending time in the bars with your friends, parties, and breakaways? Think that if a little bit of alcohol is good, more will be even better? Then you definitely should take a glance at some funny pictures about being drunk. Be sure, they’ll make you laugh your asses off, mainly because you’ll find a lot in common with the memes’ characters. In a drunken state, our thoughts become similar, making us do crazy things: text our exes, dance on the tables, crush the furniture and, of course, make the wrong choices, starting from ‘one more glass’ to people to have sex with. However, our drunken mistakes never deter us from repeating them, so why not to get a buzz out of ourselves?

Moreover, get drunk memes are perfect to invite your friends to take some fun tonight. If you are going to have a party, forget about standard text messages on Facebook or Twitter – add a drunk people meme and your followers just won’t be able to ignore it!

If your friend got shit-faced yesterday, don’t be nice – send him I’m not drunk meme to remind him how he behaved last night. If he has a sense of humor, he won’t even start hating you. All in all, you can choose any meme related to drunk people and share it with friends to crack them up. For instance, funny drunk girl memes or even stupid drunk jokes amuse anyone, especially if their ideas are related to your epic experiences.

If you are going to drink tonight, just check some too drunk memes before you leave the house. Maybe they will prevent you from the behavior, which can make you the star of the Internet tomorrow. So take a look through some drunken memes and let’s get the party started!

Drunk at Work Meme

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Drunk Face Meme

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Drunk Friend Memes

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Drunk Texting Meme

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Drunken Memes

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Funny Drunk Girl Memes

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Funny I’m Drunk Memes

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Funny Jokes for Drunk People

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Funny Pictures About Being Drunk

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Stupid Drunk Jokes

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Get Drunk Meme

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Drunk People Meme

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Funny Drinking Meme

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Are You Drunk Meme

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Too Drunk Meme

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I’m Not Drunk Meme

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