Funny Fat Cat Memes and Pictures

While overweight people are struggling for fat acceptance, chunky pets don’t care about such trifle matters. They are very well-fed, beloved by their owners and fully satisfied with their lives. Moreover, each of them has a huge chance to become the real star of the Internet! Pictures of really fat cats won’t leave anyone cold. Just take a look at these cuties in different positions – some of them look like the masters of the Universe, some remind us the chunky ladies from the Rubens’ paintings, the others look at you like you are nothing, and this, in turn, provokes nothing but laughter.

Do you think that cute fat cat meme popularity is fleeting and will fall into oblivion? In this case, you are terribly wrong – the pictures of big fat cats remain to be popular for many years, gaining the sympathy of the Internet users around the globe. Moreover, a year ago one of the web stars, the famous fat cat from Istanbul called Tomili, was honored in a real sculpture, a statue of him having rest on the bench. The fans of funny cat memes proved their love and respect to everyone’s favorite, which made them smile during the years. Can you imagine something this heart-piercing?

No matter how you slice it, funny fat kitty pictures can ginger anyone up. If your day was tough, your boss behaved like the king of the meatheads, and your girlfriend ate away at your nerves, just relax, ensconce yourself cozily and take a glance at some fat kitten memes. Of course, it won’t resolve your problems, but you’ll take a good laugh and forget about them at least for a while. If you are doing well, the sun is shining brightly, and everything in your life is just fine, looking through some funny fat cat pictures with captions will make your mood even better.

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