Homer Simpson Memes – Drooling Meme – Homer Bushes Pictures

Have you ever thought about the reasons why Homer Simpson became one of the most popular cartoon characters not only in the United States but all over the world? The answer is simple: his character is extremely far from polished, saccharine personages of TV soap operas. Being lazy, ignorant, untidy, controversial and even stupid, he is still a good father and husband, able to think critically in emergency situations. Like an average person, he has his positive and negative traits, and if the first ones show us that even the most idiotic people can surprise us acting wisely and right, the second becomes the perfect basis for creating Homer Simpson memes and take a good laugh at this iconic character representing our own traits.

Homer is one of the most famous drunks and table finishers of all times. His mind is always on beer and fatty food, and this very fact inspires the numerous creators of Homer Simpson mmm memes. They are depicting Homer dreaming about alcohol, chips, hamburgers, donuts or candies with the fully devoted face. Don’t deny, we all sometimes look like Homer when imagining something really tasty. That is why Homer Simpson salivating memes are so funny – this yellow expressive face can leave nobody indifferent.

If you like Homer Simpson drooling pics, share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler. Be sure, the picture of the most beloved drunks of all times will make them laugh their heads off, especially if they and Homer have something common. Moreover, you can create your own Homer Simpson slobbering memes to make fun of your acquaintances or even of yourself. If one of them is really funny, you will become an author of the widespread and popular meme – one more cool achievement in your bag. So, take a glance at the funniest Homer Simpson drooling pictures and have a great time!

Homer Simpson Mmm Meme

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Homer Simpson Drooling Pic

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Homer Simpson Meme

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Homer Simpson Salivating Meme

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Homer Simpson Slobbering

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