Weed Memes – Funny Marijuana Memes

Even though we are not sure when the cannabis memes became really widespread, we know positively that they won’t lose their popularity. There are a lot of different kinds of memes capable of making any member of weed community laugh. The fact that marijuana is illegal does not stop the funny weed memes fans – they are creating new and new pictures to make the Internet users smile. Unlike the most of other memes, they are not offensive or rude – like cannabis itself they can turn you into a relaxed easy laugher. Moreover, you don’t have to be a smoker to enjoy these witty pictures with captions. Marijuana memes make a boring day interesting without any side effects!

Don’t forget that cannabis is also medicine. Of course, the Internet prankster could not help laughing at this, making numerous medical marijuana memes. Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg have already become the icons of weed community being the smokers meme stars. Enjoy some funny pictures with celebrities and share them with your friends. Be sure, if they have the sense of humor they will find these pics highly (!) entertaining. If you know that your friend is getting high from time to time, send him the best out of weed memes and be sure, he will identify himself as the meme characters.

If you think that one fine day you’ll be fed up with these pieces of meme art you are all abroad. Some of the smoking weed memes have already become a classic for the Internet users. Moreover, every single day cannabis fans are creating new pics to make you laugh your head off. So keep calm, look through some hilarious weed memes we collected, and pray for legalization.

Best Weed Memes

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Cannabis Memes

cannabis memes

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Edibles Meme

edibles meme

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Funny High People Memes

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Funny Weed Memes

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Getting High Memes

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Hilarious Weed Memes

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Marijuana Memes

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Medical Marijuana Meme

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Out of Weed Meme

out of weed meme

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Pot Meme

pot meme

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Pothead Meme

pothead meme

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Smokers Meme

smokers meme

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Smoking Weed Meme

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Spongebob Weed Memes

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Stoner Meme

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Weed Head Meme

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